Currently, I feel like I’m the voice for people that want more. People that want to break out of societal norms and pursue a life greater than what was given to them. Growing from being extremely socially awkward to now knowing how to move in certain social settings. Where introvert meets extrovert, I just want to inspire, believe in myself always and speak the cold hard truth of life from my lens.

From his 2017  EP ‘ Things To Say” all the way to his latest project ‘ Mirror On The Wall” , K Dazee centers his music around dealing with his introverted and extroverted personalities and how that affects his life. His K vs Dazee series gives a clear depiction of both sides and their perspectives. His sound features a unique mix of autone covered melodies, introspective lyrics and storytelling that’s crafted for you to relate too. 

You may have come across BIMALAND and wondered what that means…..

If you believe in yourself always then I want to welcome you to BIMALAND.  Once you accept the role society has given you then you’ve ultimately lost this game of life.  Not everyone can be comfortable in this state of mind and that’s why I speak for those that can. That’s the core of my message and that’s the reason I do this. 



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