"Duality has always been a theme of my life, feeling introverted and extroverted...

Writing poems in the 7th grade was the start of a young dazee. Born in Plainfield, NJ , my his parents and I left the town at a young age I was raised in Old Bridge, New Jersey where I found my love for being the witty class clown. This translated into my music and can be easily heard through my punchlines and lyrics. Socially awkward for most of my childhood and early adult years, I turned to music for expression and closure. A unique feature that I tend to showcase in my music and style is my African influence.
A couple of weeks into the 8th grade, my mom, my brothers and I , moved to Lagos , Nigeria. A culture shock , to say the least, I was forced to transition into this new lifestyle , struggling along the way I quickly became influenced by the Afrobeat sound of Africa, and used this as an alternative outlet for expression. After living there for a little over 5 years, I moved back to Jersey in 2013 and began a new chapter in this life. College. Termed “fresh of the boat” by all of my friends, I had to assimilate back into American culture bringing along with him a new perspective for life and music.

Currently, I feel like I’m the voice for people that want more. People that want to break out of societal norms and pursue a life greater than what was given to them. Growing from being extremely socially awkward to now knowing how to move in certain social settings. Where introvert meets extrovert, I just want to inspire and speak the cold hard truth of life from my lens.


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